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For The World.

We build innovative devices and products that solve some of humanity's greatest issues.

Our new Hydrocarbon solar panels and cells have efficiency rates of up to 60%.

Our products are quick to build and cost-efficient. Current projects provide evidence for this.

All humanity is invited to join our mission. We welcome any comments, questions or feedback.

About us

Hydrocarbon formed as a result of a vision to change the world and to provide a practical solution to climate change. We have a unique vision to advance the world through building innovative technologies, products, systems and devices that can not only benefit people’s lives, but that can also help stop the destruction of the environment. Our company aims to be the first to appreciate the extraordinary applications of the supermaterial graphene and to build innovative products that harness it, including highly efficient solar panels, electronic devices, wearable technology, water filtration machines, vehicles, and medical technology, just to name a few.


The world's strongest material, is also its greatest blessing.

Hydrocarbon is one of the world's first companies to harness graphene for the creation of extraordinary devices, including unbreakable laptops that charge from the air.

The world's most efficient solar panels.

If you were to Google ‘problems with solar panels’, you would be overwhelmed with the amount of results. Today, most solar panels have an efficiency rate of – at most – 22 per cent. Even the best of the best damage and corrode easily, are unable to generate electricity when the sun is down, are bulky and heavy, and degenerate quickly. Fortunately, we've found a way to solve all of these problems.

Solar Panels & Sun.jpg

Thank you for visiting our website. Hydrocarbon inc. is a company that exists to make the world a better place. For more information regarding employment, or our products and services, please feel free to browse our pages at the social media sites linked below. On the other hand, subscribe below to receive weekly updates on our work.

From all the team at Hydrocarbon, we wish you a safe and joyful year.

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