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Company Purpose.

Hydrocarbon formed as a result of a vision to change the world and to provide a practical solution to climate change. We have a unique vision to advance the world through building innovative technologies, products, systems and devices that can not only benefit people’s lives, but that can also help stop the destruction of the environment. Our company aims to be the first to appreciate the extraordinary applications of the supermaterial graphene and to build innovative products that harness it, including electronic devices, water filtration machines, vehicles, and medical technology, just to name a few.

Hydrocarbon aims to provide a potential solution to issues such as:

  • The excess of carbon dioxide in Planet Earth’s atmosphere by capturing, storing, reusing and harnessing atmospheric CO2;

  • The acidification of the world’s oceans by adding basic substances to the oceans which will work to neutralize the acidic components of seawater;

  • The costly, and energy-intensive process of chlorine production by producing chlorine as a cheap product of the chlor-alkali manufacturing process, 

  • Global shortages of clean water by turning abundant ocean water into safe water that can be used by the masses.

  • Global food shortages and the destruction of underwater ecosystems by planting seaweed on the ocean surface.

  • The worldwide abundance of food, plastic and preventable waste that can have myriad harmful consequences on the environment by turning this waste into high-quality products and materials that can be sold to consumers or used by Hydrocarbon to build materials such as graphene in particular.

  • Global hunger and the destruction of marine ecosystems by planting and maintaining ocean seaweed farms, as well as engaging in marine permaculture.

  • Deforestation and logging, by producing paper and other wood-based materials using elements such as graphene, chitin, calcium carbonate etc.


Hydrocarbon also aims to:

  • Harness graphene for the creation of remarkable new products that can eventually become a fundamental aspect of peoples’ lives and lead to a brighter future for all humanity.

  • Provide revolutionary products such as computers and phones consisted of graphene that can improve the lives of billions across the globe.

  • Produce new biofuels and products made from materials such as carbon dioxide, seaweed, and several others that are environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

  • Research and manufacture nanotechnology for use in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical, technology and other industries.

Thus, in short, our company has two major purposes:

  1. To solve the world’s countless environmental issues by producing and distributing highly innovative, distinctive, environmentally friendly and commercially successful products and processes. For instance, capturing carbon dioxide to be used in myriad goods, producing food and materials from seaweed and seashells, commercializing water desalination, extracting valuable materials from electronic waste etc.

  2. Build revolutionary products created by the wonder material graphene in order to improve the lives of billions significantly and to produce a high-quality of life for all.

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Values & Vision.

Hydrocarbon exists for the world.

The core vision of Hydrocarbon is to make the world a better place for all living creatures on Earth, that is, humanity, and all living beings.


Hydrocarbon aims at all times and all sections of the production process, to harness sustainability in all that we do. We aim to protect our environment and to resolve climate change, and this can only be done through sustainable actions and decisions.

People First, Profit Second

At Hydrocarbon, success to us means making a difference in peoples’ lives. In all endeavours, we begin by asking what needs exist in the world and what problems require fixing in a bid to help communities strive for a better future. Once we have identified a sustainable, cheap and efficient technique to solve the various issues affecting thousands of people, only then is the prospect of profit considered.

The Value of Our Workforce

Hydrocarbon values each and every one of its employees and ensures that all individuals who are part of the Hydrocarbon community lead happy, safe and fun work lives while emphasising the importance of treating all staff with respect, kindness and dignity. We respect and value all staff, regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity or any other socioeconomic factor. Hydrocarbon commits to placing special priority on applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, or those who are in dire need of employment to provide for themselves and their families.


Kindness and Compassion

Hydrocarbon began as a solution to climate change – an issue affecting almost every single living being on this planet. All we do is guided by kindness and compassion, as well as a strong desire to change the world for the better. We value human rights and the dignity of the human person before any form of profit or business venture.

Innovation and Creativity

Our company – all those within it – represent the epitome of innovation and creativity. We acknowledge whole-heartedly the importance of innovation in changing our world for the better. Our offices always encourage original, out-of-the-box thought, no matter how crazy the idea may seem!

Efficiency, Proactivity and Productivity

Hydrocarbon emphasises the importance of efficiency and punctuality whenever delivering to a prospective customer. Time is a valuable resource and cannot be wasted – we are always committed to improving both on the quality of our products, as well as the amount of time it takes for them to be manufactured. Hydrocarbon welcomes any and all feedback – no matter how good or bad – in order to continuously improve our services.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hydrocarbon inc. is a company that exists to make the world a better place. For more information regarding employment, or our products and services, please feel free to browse our pages at the social media sites linked below. On the other hand, subscribe below to receive weekly updates on our work.

From all the team at Hydrocarbon, we wish you a safe and joyful year.

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