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Prototype development underway!

Our team is hard at work developing our innovative graphene-based perovskite solar cell. We aim to have it ready-to-deliver within the next 2-3 months. Sign up below to join our pre-order list and become one of the world's first to try our cheap, efficient and environmentally-beneficial solar products.

Graphene Batteries.
Graphene can be used to build highly efficient and safe batteries that only require charging once.
Paints & Interior Designing Items.
We aim to produce innovative interior design and kitchen products, such as rust-resistant graphene-based paints and inks, anti-corrosion coatings, containers for corrosive acids, and glowing wallpaper that can replace lightbulbs.
Desalinated Water From The Ocean.
Graphene has remarkable abilities in desalinating water from ocean. This water can be supplied to communities who are especially susceptible to water shortages.
Highly Efficient Solar Panels.
Hydrocarbon aims to build the world's most efficient solar panels to ensure that every home has access to renewable energy.
Smart Clothing.
We aim to create fashionable and highly advanced 'smart clothing' that can light up, change temperature, cater to various health conditions, and never tears.
Medical and Nano Technology.
Graphene can be used widely for the creation of nanotechnology and medical technology, such as films that protect against mosquitoes, Graphene Electrical Tattoos and bionic equipment.
Climate Change Technology.
Hydrocarbon aims to respond to issues such as climate change, ocean acidification and the excess of waste in our planet.
Highly Advanced Devices.
Graphene can be used to build laptops and phones that are 1000 times faster, transparent and unbreakable. These devices will revolutionise the electronics industry as we know it.
Graphene Computer Chips.
Graphene can be used to build the world's smallest computer chips. In a world in which silicon chips become too big to use, graphene will be our only option.
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Turning ocean water into drinking water.

Our graphene-based Hydrocarbon machines remove salt, pathogens and other contaminants from water to produce fresh, clean water. We then put the water through a series of activated carbon filters to replenish the familiar taste of water by adding minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium.

Building the laptops of the future.

Graphene is able to make flexible, transparent laptops and phones that charge from the air via its extraordinary atomic properties, and that are 1000 times faster, store a million times more data and last for decades. In fact, graphene could mean that we never have to charge any device ever again!

Responding to climate change & ocean acidification.

Hydrocarbon aims to build carbon capture machines which allow for the utilization of carbon dioxide for the creation of fuels and other products. We also hope to produce a more efficient chlor-alkali process, with sodium hydroxide added into the ocean in order to respond to the climbing acidity of the ocean.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hydrocarbon inc. is a company that exists to make the world a better place. For more information regarding employment, or our products and services, please feel free to browse our pages at the social media sites linked below. On the other hand, subscribe below to receive weekly updates on our work.

From all the team at Hydrocarbon, we wish you a safe and joyful year.

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